"Experience. Labor. These are the twin sides of the coin which when spun is neither experience nor labor, but the moment of revelation. The coin, by optical illusion, becomes a round, bright, whirling globe of life."
—Ray Bradbury

My professional life

My current path is part homesteading, part craftperson, part part-time web research, all working from home. Home is where my heart is now.

In the past, I worked on warehouse management (WMS) implementations. My focus was working with industrial engineers on receiving components and delivering to point-of-use within manufacturing plants. My role was managing requirements, system testing, and user acceptance testing. These projects are highly satisfying, as they drive productivity, economic growth, and prosperity.

My skills include creating lively presentations, videos, and graphics; investigating how records are stored in the database with SQL queries; and diagnosing customer support inquiries. My research and writing skills resulted in articles published in trade magazines. Some samples:

Top Five Challenges to Cross-Border Trade with Mexico
published in Material Handling and Logistics

Five Best Practices for Successful AP Automation
published in Supply and Demand Chain Executive

When I'm not working

I enjoy cooking. Breads and Italian foods are two of my favorites. Check out the links to some of my favorite Internet resources.

About the page design

The layout is based on a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) project at CSS Zen Garden. Many thanks to Rene Hornig for allowing me to adapt his design.