Last things first

After two and a half years of carefully avoiding COVID-19, it finally caught up to me.

Probably on the plane ride or airports home from Ireland. I even wore a mask when the press of people in the security line was more than I wanted to be near.

I was in airports and on planes for about 20 hours total, and at the end of it I wasn’t too surprised my ears were ringing.

At least I was home. One of my biggest worries about the trip was getting sick on the plane ride over to Ireland. Being sick for a week when I got home was boring, very boring, but not a problem.

The next morning I wasn’t yet feeling sick when I took a home test out of an abundance of caution. It showed a positive result quickly, unambiguously.

Then the congestion and headaches. A second lab test to confirm. I missed the boat on the antiviral–the positive home test was on a Thursday, and Saturday when the symptoms arrived the doctor was closed and I was too sick and lazy to figure out other methods of getting a prescription.

I didn’t have any chickens or broth, so I used spoonfuls of red curry paste mixed in water to make a broth that brought blessed relief.

Ten days later and most of the symptoms have abated, still some ringing in the ears, but I’m mostly well. And ready to start chronicling the adventures!

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